Tiger's Eye Mine

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Each layer of tiger's eye can differ in thickness, color and formation quality. The minimum size collected is .25 inches thick, while the biggest layer is about 9 inches thick. However, the most common thickness is between .75 and 2.5 inches. Any layer wider than 6 inches is uncommon and usually lower quality. Colors range from bright gold to grayish-yellow and from golden brown to opaque brown in the tiger's eye; hawk's eye can vary from a washed-out, uneven blue to deep, solid blue pieces. The fibrous crystal structure is variable as well: the largest crystals frequently form loosely-bound and incompletely, leaving occasional hollows in the stone, while the thinnest, finest crystal structure is denser and produces the smoothest appearance.

Our grading system is based on coloring and crystal composition. We can deliver the following varieties of rough tiger's eye in any combination of grades you would like. Piece sizes and thicknesses vary; please specify your desires according to the sizing table at the bottom.

Tigers Eye Grade AA-A
AA-A Grade
Tigers Eye With Hematite
Tiger's eye with hematite
Extra Thick Tigers Eye
Exra thick tiger's eye
Tiger Iron
Tiger iron

Special varieties:

Smaller, thinner pieces:
These pieces are approximately .75 - 2.75 inches across, and .5 - 1.75 inches thick.

Bigger, thicker pieces:
These are about 2.75 - 9 inches across, and ordered according to quality and thickness.

Multi-Color (Tiger's eye / Hawk's eye mixture):

Hawk's eye (blue):
Multi Color Tigers Eye Hawks Eye
Small Pieces Tigers Eye
Small Pieces

Tiger's Eye Mine